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Learn how to 

    1. Develop stakeholder ownership for change success
    2. Scope the change results and journey using visual tools
    3. Communicate the change scope in one page diagrams

Learning Hours : 25

Course Content

    1. How to develop stakeholder change ownership and manage stakeholder expectations
    2. Overview of methods and visual models to define the ideal state across the full business spectrum of people, process, policy, information, technology and infrastructure
    3. How to use the Business Model Canvas to depict the scope of the change implementation project
    4. Overview of methods and tools to identify the gaps between now and the ideal
    5. Introduction to assessing organization change capacity (capabilities, resources, finances)
    6. Introduction to concisely defining change scope and determining critical external dependencies
    7. How to assess the options for change scope, and link scope options with risks
    8. How to develop a change scope recommendations summary
    9. Introduction to other visual models for designing change

Webinars : 5

Discussions : 3

Assignments : 4  

Course is FULL for 2019. Email for 2020 dates.

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