Find out how we do it
Find out how we do it

Change Design Institute upskills organizations and individuals
to plan and execute digital transformation or any change
with more success and less stress

Why does 70% of organizational change fail?

The value to customers and / or employees is unclear

Hidden risks are uncovered too late 

Critical employees are too busy doing their jobs to give useful input 

Employees don’t believe in the value of the  change

Processes are misaligned with the benefits 

Leaders don’t understand all the impacts of the change 

How do you enable successful change?

Figure out your critical success factors

Critical success factors are not the same for every organization. You will learn how to perform a quick self-assessment to find out which success factors are most critical for your digital transformation or organizational change initiative. We can also provide an executive briefing and recommended plan of action based on your assessment results.

Prevent wasted time and resources

When you design change by taking multiple perspectives into consideration you will produce a higher quality change output. We will show you how to use fast and simple human centered design techniques to minimize change resistance, avoid last minute rework and minimize post-implementation issues. You will be equipped to make informed design decisions quickly and with confidence.

Reduce effort and stress

People are busy and getting their undivided attention to contribute to change design is difficult. It gets even harder when their perspectives diverge or conflict. We teach you how to use intuitive and powerful visual tools to engage people in designing change in short time periods with less effort. When you engage people more effectively in design you will streamline the change communication and reduce anxiety and stress. This leads to a better experience of the change process for everyone.

Find out and mitigate hidden risks

Much of the knowledge to uncover hidden risks is in your organization. We show you how to draw in the right people at the right time to identify hidden risks and determine pro-active mitigation activities. 

Engage the right people to champion and design the change

When you engage the right people in all areas of the organization impacted by the change you gain greater insight into what they value and what will lead to successful adoption. You will learn how to find and engage  people to improve the quality of the design and resolve gaps in the change scope. 

Focus on desired outcomes

When outcomes for the organization, customers, employees and partners are clear, measurable and perceived as valuable, people will be committed to make the change successful. We take you through a simple approach to set the focus on defining and achieving outcomes that are valued by everyone impacted by the change. This is a critical final pillar for strong change adoption and superior ROI.

If you want to uncover hidden risks, contain costs, reduce employee stress, and increase successful outcomes then let us take you through a quick self-assessment to identify your change capability gaps.

How We Help You Achieve Better Results
with Less Stress

Define the Change Outcomes


We guide you on your journey to grow your expertise in implementing successful change. Drawing on recent research in cognition, multimedia and cohort learning our courses create a practical and experiential learning environment. Live instructors provide guidance and feedback on assignments to enable students to assimilate and practise new knowledge and skills right away. Many of our students apply what they are learning in their work while taking the course.


All our education and the tools we provide to you  are grounded in leading edge research on organizational change, design thinking and visual communication. We are constantly enhancing our tools and courses. We participate in academic and industry conferences around the world.

Focus Change Outcomtes


We deliver hands on consulting during our private courses that is grounded in our research and our 25+ years of experience. We tailor our advice to your specific situation. We focus our coaching to help you overcome your current challenges and enhance your capabilities. 

Our Courses

Public Courses

Facilitated, hands-on, online learning to grow your own expertise and build the change capability needed in your organization

Design for Value

May 27 – Jun 24, 2021

Learn how to use quick and powerful visual models with a change design framework to set the purpose and direction.

  • Frame the value of change
  • Reduce risk and increase ROI
  • Get everyone headed in the same direction together
  • Increase commitment to success and reduce stress
Success Factors

Assess Critical Success Factors

Coming Soon…

Learn how to identify and assess your unique critical success factors.

  • Perform a rapid change success factors assessment 
  • Identify the areas most critical to your change success
  • Adapt the change design playbook to your change situation

Design the Scope

Coming Soon…

Learn how to engage the right people with quick and powerful visual models to make informed scoping decisions quickly

  • Reframe value as design goals 
  • Identify scope of business activities, people and resources to achieve design goals
  • Understand the extent of stakeholder impact
  • Identify risk mitigation scope
  • Build trust in the change process

We are happy to send you an email when courses open for enrollment.

CMC Certificate in Strategic Change by Design

In partnership with the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Ontario, Canada this professional certificate consists of 3 modules for a total of 50 hours.

We can send you an email when the next CMC cohort opens for enrollment.




Private Courses

Any of our courses can be easily customized to your organization to combine learning with consulting. Students will work on change design deliverables for your digital transformation or change initiative as part of their learning assignments. We will provide in-depth review and recommendations on the assignments to improve your change outcome success. This is the most effective and economical way to upskill the change design and implementation capability of your organization. 

Book some time with Louise, our founder, so we can better understand your needs and aspirations.

Our Approach to Facilitate Learning


Broaden your perspective and enrich your experience by learning with others. 

All our courses are offered online using a blended approach of flexible self-study and real-time live instruction with group interaction.


Practise using the tools and methods you learn and gain valuable feedback to improve your skills from your peers and instructor. 

Focus Change Outcomtes


Stay energized and motivated with online discussions, collaborative activities, peer review, real-time sessions,  instructor guidance and set timeframes.


We want to inspire you with the belief that change in organizations can be more successful and less stressful than you have experienced before, maybe even exciting and fulfilling!

We want to equip you with knowledge and tools to act on that belief. 

We want to help you along your way to become an expert in designing and implementing change..

And we want to help you develop the mindset and the skill to continuously innovate, learn and tailor how you work with others to bring about successful change in your organizations.

Great exposure to new ideas and models for implementing change
Indranil Dutta PMP
Project Manager
The content was extremely helpful along with the tools provided which can be applied in day to day business activities
Keith McIntyre CMC
This is the first change workshop I have attended that brings it all together for a consulting professional …
Dominique Dennery FCMC
Change Facilitator
I really liked the activities in the course as it allowed others to provide their thoughts, which could be read by all participants - this, of course, includes building the visual model together
Michael Melenberg CMC
Management Consultant

Who We Are

Founded by consultant, speaker and educator, Louise A Harris, it all started with a Saturday morning coffee with a group of young professionals. We were discussing their challenges learning to harness and ride the waves of change, enjoy a purposeful job and grow into highly successful change implementers. We launched a pilot learning cohort that deliberately experimented with violating some of the traditional adult education norms. Together we reflected on everyone’s learning experience, refined our approach and the launched the Strategic Change by Design certificate for CMC Ontario in 2016. To our surprise, most of our learners this time were seasoned professionals looking for a fresh and more effective approach to design and implement change in their own or their clients’ organizations. We learned from their experiences and enhanced the content with  research coming out of Louise’s PhD on stakeholder engagement in change design. In 2020 we formed the Change Design Institute to equip organizations and individual professionals to design and implement change with more success and less stress.

Our Network Partners bring specialized expertise such as customer & employee experience design. They embed the learnings in their own consulting engagements and help us test and refine the cutting edge communication and design tools we develop through our research. 

Louise has led and consulted on digital transformations for over 25 years. She has been part of fantastic successes and costly failures in various industries including healthcare administration. Louise also teaches at the Memorial University Faculty of Business Administration.



My goal is to equip leaders, managers, and consultants to engage all impacted stakeholders in collaboratively figuring out why, what and how their organization should change for the benefit of customers,  employees and other impacted stakeholders. I want to share the insights, techniques and tools I have developed along the way and those I am still discovering and enhancing through research.  I purposefully design the learning and coaching so that learners experience how bringing together diverse perspectives through design thinking improves the quality of the change and reduces the adoption and sustainment risks and costs.



One of the first graduates of the Strategic Change by Design certificate and an experienced business consultant, my goal is to help my clients and my peers integrate change in their organizations more effectively. I work with a diverse group of clients from a variety of industries.  Their challenges range in scope and complexity, and the value that I bring to them is to remove the blind spots in their business by systemizing their strategies from ideas to implementation.

Change Design Nuggets

Focusing the Why

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