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Louise A Harris – Founder

I enjoy change – as long as I know what is going on. If my husband decides to rearrange the kitchen while I am out I am not happy. I can’t find half of what I need and since I have no insight into the logic behind the new layout I can’t easily figure it out. I need to know why and I need to determine if I think there is any benefit. If I don’t see the value I am grumpy.  In this respect I think I am very similar to most people on the planet. I may be more highly motivated to experiment and change things in my life than others who prefer stability, but we all need to believe in the value of change in order to commit to it. Especially if the change is initiated by someone else.

I have been facilitating, leading or enabling change my entire career. I have experienced wonderful change successes and been a part of disheartening multi-million dollar change failures. In 2016 I decided to take some time out for graduate studies so that I could focus my time and energy on learning and practical research. My goal is to develop intuitive tools that could help individuals and organizations break out of the often quoted 70% change failure statistic. It has been an amazing and very stretching journey, with lots of change along the way and more to come after I complete the PhD in 2020. I have had fantastic academic supervisors who have guided me through the overwhelming volume of  academic research. I have discovered new and insightful theories and ideas that can be practically applied for enabling successful change.

My goal is to share the insights I am discovering and extend the visual tools I have been developing and using over the past decade. I want to equip leaders and managers to engage all impacted stakeholders in collaboratively figuring out why, what and how the organization should change. My dream is that in using intuitive tools, together with new and well-tested insights, many organizations will beat the 70% change failure statistic. I believe it is possible that well-designed change can be less stressful and more beneficial for all involved and maybe even fun and exciting for those who embrace the opportunity.

Louise A Harris, CMC, CCMP, PhD Candidate

I would love to hear from you if our goals and vision resonate with you. We would like to jointly discover how to equip you for more successful change.
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