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James Grieve – Founding Network Partner

In my consulting practice, I work with a diverse group of clients from a variety of industries.  Their challenges range in scope and complexity, and the value that I bring to them is to remove the blind spots in their business by systemizing their strategies from ideas to implementation.  Throughout this process, there is one common denominator – change.

Strategic change design is an innovative skillset that requires empathy, understanding, perspective, creativity, unity of purpose, and intention to be most effective and impactful. Leveraging experience, research, and best practices for execution enables me to develop a whole-systems approach that takes into consideration the needs of stakeholders in ways that creates and captures value, differentiates my clients’ businesses from their competition, and creates meaningful and lasting changes that are directly tied to what my client and their customers’ value.

I find it very rewarding to collaborate with my clients to apply proven change design approaches to: address their challenges, discover areas of opportunity, plan, test and validate new processes and systems, and measure results that leave the organizations better than we found them.

James Grieve CMC, CCXP, MBA

I would be happy to share with you my experience participating in the practical learning offerings and discuss how we can help equip you to achieve successful change outcomes.
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