Critical Success Factors for Strategic Change

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Learn how to

    • Reduce change failure and improve change outcomes
    • Integrate change management, change design, and risk management¬†
    • Engage stakeholders efficiently and effectively using visual design techniques.

Learning Hours : 10

Course Content

    1. Introduction to Critical Success Factors to achieve change outcomes
    2. Overview of models & techniques for aligning stakeholder expectations
    3. Introduction to the purpose & scope of a Strategic Change Framework
    4. Overview of 4 well-known frameworks that cover various aspects of planning and implementing organizational change and how they can be used to complement each other (Kotter, ADKAR, CMC, ACMP)
    5. Overview of the impact, challenges and tools for early stakeholder engagement
    6. Introduction to how to effectively use the Stakeholder Profile visual model to align the change journey with desired outcomes
    7. Overview of the value of visual modeling for effective change design and planning
    8. Introduction to the Strategic Value visual model to succinctly answer the “why change” question

Webinars : 2 

Discussions : 2

Assignments : 1

Course is FULL for 2019. Email for 2020 dates.

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