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Learn how to engage stakeholders to

    • identify and assess change opportunities and options
    • integrate data analysis with stakeholder insights
    • frame change value in a way that is meaningful
    • define measurable change outcomes
    • identify change readiness risks

Learning Hours : 25

Course Content

    1. Overview of the key change drivers in our current time and how these are impacting business models and organization culture
    2. Overview of the different types of change and the various relevant approaches
    3. Review of Strategic Change Analysis and the CMC Management Consulting Framework
    4. Introduction to different methods for identifying and assessing change opportunities such as Market & Trend Analysis, Customer Value Analysis, Lean, Causal Loop Analysis, Process Mining & Analysis, Cause and Effect Analysis and how to wrap this in a complete business system analysis
    5. Introduction to using data to assess change opportunities such as big data, crowd sourcing, employee/customer input, internal data analytics
    6. How to use and develop a Strategic Value model to frame the purpose of change
    7. How to use and develop a Strategic outcomes reference model using SMART objectives
    8. Introduction to organization cultural assessment and change readiness
    9. Introduction to assessing change risk with effective stakeholder collaboration
    10. How to use the Business Model Canvas to frame the potential change

Webinars : 5

Discussions : 3

Assignments : 4

Course is FULL for 2019. Email for 2020 dates.

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